Visa On Arrival

Need a fast and hassle-free way to enter a country? Visa On Arrival is what you are looking for.
Let's explore crucial things about VOA before starting your trip.

Get your visa on arrival

What is visa on arrival?

Visa On Arrival (VOA), also widely known as Visa upon arrival, is the type of visa that you can obtain upon arriving at the airport.

Depends on the country, the procedures might be a litte difference. But when comparing to the usual visa, it is much more time-saving and hassle-free.


VOA is among the most widely preferred methods by virtue of a broad range of benefits for holders.


Applying for VOA is considered to bring more benefits than getting a visa as a regular process since most steps will be carried out at the port of entry. Besides, what makes this method common lies in its needless requirements at the time of application - no passport sendoff and no documents required.

Easy and straightforward procedure:

You can implement the whole procedure online with three simple steps: Register online applications, make payment, and get the approval letter via email. Once obtaining the letter, you get your visa stamp at the airport.


It takes only 2 working days for processing time to receive the offer letter. In urgent cases, you are allowed to procure a visa approval letter within just 4 - 8 hours. Furthermore, there is no need to resolve elaborate steps for the formal procedure at the Embassy as in the traditional way.

Low cost:

The cost of this simplified visa issuance method is much more reasonable compared to other conventional ways of getting a visa.


 Travel easily with visa on arrival

Applicable transportation

  • Any ports (airport, land port and sea port)

Processing time

  • 4 – 10 working days for normal cases
  • 2 – 4 working days for urgent cases

Valid duration

  • Single entry & multiple entries
  • Validity depending on types of visa

Requirements for applying for visa

  • Passport scan
  • 1 or 2 passport-sized photos (4x6cm)
  • Further documents as seemed necessary by the embassy


  • Visa stamping fee
  • Service fee
  • Shipping fee

How to apply

  • Fill out the visa form
  • Send required documents with proof of payment to the embassy
  • Get your Visa delivered at home or office


    Who can apply for a VOA?

    Visa on Arrival is available for nearly everyone, as long as you are a foreigner holding a valid passport and do not fall under these cases: Under-14 children who are not accompanied by their parents, guardians, or authorized persons.

    Those who have forged papers or made false declarations to obtain entry, exit, or residence papers. Those who suffer from mental diseases or infectious diseases that threaten the community’s health.

    Those who were expelled from Vietnam within the last 3 years, counted from the effective date of the expulsion decisions.

    Those who were compelled to leave Vietnam within the last 6 months, counted from the effective date of the decisions on compelled exit.

    For epidemic prevention and control. In circumstances of natural disasters. For national defense, security or social order and safety.

    How can I extend or renew my visa in Vietnam?

    Depending on your purpose and desire length of stay, you can choose to extend or renew your Vietnam visa. For detailed information, see our full guide on how to extend or renew your visa in Vietnam.

    What if I want to change my arrival airport in Vietnam?

    As long as you land in an international airport, you will get your visa on arrival stamped on your passport with no problems. You can switch your arrival airport between these 9 international airports:

    • Noi Bai (Ha Noi)
    • Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh city)
    • Da Nang (Da Nang)
    • Cam Ranh (Khanh Hoa)
    • Phu Bai (Hue)
    • Phu Quoc (Phu Quoc Island)
    • Vinh (Vinh)
    • Can Tho (Can Tho)
    • Cat Bi (Hai Phong)

    Do I have to arrive at the exact same date provided in the application form?

    You are allowed to arrive before or after the date of arrival you provided in the online visa application form. However, you need to leave Vietnam before your visa expiration date.

    Do I have to submit any hard document to apply for a visa upon arrival online?

    You don't need to submit any hard document in the Vietnam visa on arrival online application. All you need to do is to fill in the online application form and provide your information, including:

    • Your personal information (name, date of birth, gender, nationality, passport number, and passport expiration date)
    • Your contacts (email and phone number)
    • Your travel dates

    Do I have to contact the Vietnam Embassy to apply a visa on arrival

    You don't have to contact the Vietnam Embassy to apply a visa upon arrival. Just apply online through an authorized travel agency. Visa2Asia is proud to offer top- notch visa on arrival services at low cost for every foreigners. Contact us now to start your visa on arrival application.

    What are the visa stamping procedure at Vietnam international airport?

    The visa stamping procedure is nothing complicated. When you land at the Vietnam arrival international airport, present your VOA approval letter, 2 passport-sized photos, and cash to pay the stmaping fee at the visa on arrival counter.

    Notes: The whole process should take you from 15 to 30 minutes. Sometimes, it can take you over 40 minutes to get your visa stamped due to large number of arrivals. Therefore, remember to prepare all the required documents carefully before arrival to avoid the hassle.

    How long should I apply for the visa on arrival in advance?

    We highly recommend that you apply for the visa on arrival one or two months before your departure in case changes occur in your schedule or traveling plan.