Visa On Arrival

Need a fast and hassle-free way to enter a country? Visa On Arrival is what you are looking for.

Let's explore crucial things about VOA before starting your trip.

Visa On Arrival
Visa On Arrival
What is visa on arrival?

What is visa on arrival?


Visa On Arrival (VOA), also widely known as Visa upon arrival, is the type of visa that you can obtain upon arriving at the airport.


Depends on the country, the procedures might be a litte difference. But when comparing to the usual visa, it is much more time-saving and hassle-free.

What benefits can a VOA bring?

VOA is among the most widely preferred methods by virtue of a broad range of benefits for holders.


Applying for VOA is considered to bring more benefits than getting a visa as a regular process since most steps will be carried out at the port of entry. Besides, what makes this method common lies in its needless requirements at the time of application - no passport sendoff and no documents required.

Easy and straightforward procedure:

You can implement the whole procedure online with three simple steps: Register online applications, make payment, and get the approval letter via email. Once obtaining the letter, you get your visa stamp at the airport.


It takes only 2 working days for processing time to receive the offer letter. In urgent cases, you are allowed to procure a visa approval letter within just 4 - 8 hours. Furthermore, there is no need to resolve elaborate steps for the formal procedure at the Embassy as in the traditional way.

Low cost:

The cost of this simplified visa issuance method is much more reasonable compared to other conventional ways of getting a visa.

What benefits can a VOA bring?

Visa On Arrival, e-Visa and Embassy Visa
What are differences?

<div class='text-2xl'>Visa On Arrival, e-Visa and Embassy Visa <br /><span class="text-[#2790cf]">What are differences?</span></div>
Applicable transportation

Any ports (airport, land port and sea port)

Processing time

4 – 10 working days for normal cases

2 – 4 working days for urgent cases

Valid duration

Single entry & multiple entries

Validity depending on types of visa

Requirements for applying for visa

Passport scan

1 or 2 passport-sized photos (4x6cm)

Further documents as seemed necessary by the embassy


Visa stamping fee

Service fee

Shipping fee

How to apply

Fill out the visa form


Send required documents with proof of payment to the embassy


Get your Visa delivered at home or office


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