Vietnam Visa Application Form

Vietnam visa application form or entry/exit form is an important document needed to get a Vietnam visa.
This page provides downloadable form in both pdf and word.

Vietnam Visa Application Form
Vietnam Visa Application Form


This document, formerly known as entry/exit form is to be submitted at Immigration office or Vietnamese diplomatic missions abroad when you apply Vietnam visa through embassy.

There are several questions that often get asked when heading to using and filling out this form. We listed below some of the most common ones for your reference

1. When should we fill out this form?
This particularly depends on what you use this form for. There are often two cases:

First, when you apply for Vietnam visa on arrival through a visa agency. You then will be sent an approval letter for carrying along with you when landing in Vietnam airport. Upon arrival, you will receive this form (Vietnam visa application form) to fill it out completely before submitting together with your passport, approval letter and other 2 passport-size photos to Immigration office at the airport. Therefore, you should prepare and complete the form before arriving to avoid confusion and save time lining up. Second, when you apply visa through Vietnam embassy in your country. This case will require a completed Visa application form as part of required documents that must be lodged to the embassy.

2. Do I have to list out all my family members in question # 11 or just ones travelling with me to Vietnam?

This field serves for the sole purpose of providing your additional contact person for the Immigration Department. Hence, you should declare at least one or two of your family members who is close and can be reached out in case of emergency.

You can find the Vietnam visa application form in pdf or word format below:

Vietnam visa application form pdf

Vietnam visa application form word

Should you find yourself getting stuck in understanding the form or need further guidance on anything related to Vietnam visa on arrival, please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to assist.

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