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  • 1. How can I apply for Vietnam Visa?

    Currently, there are 3 ways to apply for visa in Vietnam: Applying at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate General in foreign countries, Visa on Arrival and E-visa.

  • 2. What are the conditions for being granted a Visa in Vietnam?

    There are some requirements that you need to meet:
    Being a foreigner outside Vietnam
    Holding a valid passport
    Not falling into the cases of suspension from entry prescribed in Article 21 of Law on foreigners' entry into, exit from, transit through, residence in Vietnam. Source:

  • 3. Do I need to arrive on the exact date specified in my Vietnam Visa?

    No, you do not have to do so. You can arrive whenever within the validity of your visa, but not before the entry date specified in it.

  • 4. Is there any requirement for Vietnam visa photo?

    Yes, there are some requirements. The photo’s size must be 4x6 and the background should be plain and bright, white is highly recommended. Your photo should capture full of your face, no smile, no glasses and no accessories.

  • 5. Does Vietnam have visa exemption?

    Yes, it does. See the list of nationalities that are allowed visa exemption here.

    If your nationality is in the list, you are allowed to enter Vietnam without a visa, but only in the allowed period of time. If you wish to stay longer, you have to apply for a visa.

  • 6. Can I apply for visa online?

    You can apply for Vietnam Electronic Visa because it is completely online. However, it is available for only 80 countries and it lasts maximum for only 30 days, single entry.

    Otherwise, you can apply for Visa on Arrival. It means you get a guaranteeing agency apply for you. At the end of the process, you will receive your Vietnam visa upon your arrival.

    Some Vietnam Embassies or Consulate Generals also offer services for foreigners to register online and then receive visa by post or mail. However, you need to contact them to check whether they have those services or not.

  • 7. I am planning to visit Vietnam for tourism. How long can I stay?

    Please check beforehand if you are the nationalities that are allowed visa exemption or not. If not, you can apply for tourist visa in Vietnam and its validity is up to 3 months.

    For other visa types and validity, see here:

  • 8. How can I extend my visa?

    There are two ways for you to do. The first option is to use service from a trusted agency to apply for visa extension for you and there will be service fee. The other option is that you contact and submit directly to the Vietnam Immigration Departments in Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City.

  • 9. Can I apply for visa upon arrival right at airports

    Unfortunately, you cannot. You must have an Approval letter, which can only be obtained through a visa agency before landing in Vietnam in order to get your visa issued at the airport (visa on arrival).

  • 10. Regarding visa exemption, what is the interval time between two consecutive entries?

    The time period between two consecutive entries with Vietnam visa exemption will be at least 30 days from the date you exit from Vietnam. In other words, if you expect to use the visa exemption to arrive in Vietnam after you have left this country, you need to wait for more than 30 days.

  • 11. Is it possible to find a job or have a small business like a shop in Vietnam with a tourist visa?

    No, you are not allowed to work in Vietnam, according to the law. In order to find a job or work, you have to apply for a working visa.

  • 12. How can I apply for Vietnam if there is no Vietnam Diplomatic Missions in the country where I live?

    You can still apply with 2 other kind of visa. Those are Visa on Arrival and E-visa. Please take note that E-visa is only available for only 80 countries.

  • 13. The Vietnam Embassy in my country is very far from my house. Is there any other ways to apply for visa that I do not need to submit directly?

    Some Vietnam Embassies or Consulate Generals offer services for foreigners to register online and then receive visa by post or mail. Therefore, firstly you need to contact them to check whether they have those services or not.

    If not, try to apply E-visa (if you plan to stay less than 30 days) or Visa on Arrival.

  • 14. What is Visa on Arrival (VOA)?

    When you apply for Visa on Arrival, it means that you have an agency to apply it for you and you will receive your visa upon your arrival in Vietnam. The overall process is: Providing information to an agency, making payment, receiving an approval letter, going to Vietnam, submitting your approval letter and passport at the airport, then receiving your visa.

  • 15. Is Visa on Arrival legitimate?

    Yes, it has been allowed by the law. You can check it at Government’s Decree No. 21/2001/ND-CP and Joint Circular No. 04/2002/TTLT/BCA-BNG. Please take note that you should check carefully whether the service provider is trustworthy or not.

  • 16. What is the process of applying for Visa on Arrival?

    The process is simple. It is generally described as following: Filling online application form given from your guaranteeing agency, receiving as well as printing out your approval letter (if the application is approved), and receiving your Vietnam visa upon arrival at an international airport in Vietnam.

  • 17. What fee do I have to pay when applying for Visa On Arrival?

    You need two fees:

    The first is service fee, which is needed to be paid in advance. This fee varies according to different service providers.

    The second one is stamping fee, which is paid directly at landing visa counter. Single entry is $25, multiple entries is from $50 (up to 3 months) to $155 (from 2-5 years) depending on the validity of visa.

  • 18. How long do I have to wait to get my visa on arrival issued at international airports in Vietnam?

    It really depends on the number of customers at the Landing visa counter. However, it usually takes from 20 to 40 minutes of waiting.

  • 19. Where do I get my Vietnam visa stamp?

    Please bear in mind that Vietnam visa on arrival is only available for plane travelers. And, you can only get your visa on arrival at landing visa counter in international airports in Vietnam.

  • 20. How can I get to know my E-visa result?

    A: In about 3 days, you can check your result, following these steps:
    Visit the page:
    Fill in the required information: registration code, email, date of birth to check your result.
    If it is approved, you can print it out as proof to enter Vietnam.
    Note:No e-mail will be sent regarding E-visa result
    You must not lose your registration code because it allow you to check the result.

  • 21. Which entry & exit checkpoints allow e-Visa holders to enter and exit Vietnam?

    There are 33 ports in Vietnam that accept E-visa. Click here.

  • 22. What are the differences between Visa on Arrival and E-visa?

    The main advantages of Electronic Visa over VOA is that you can apply for it by yourself, completely online. The fee is only $25. You can receive the result online and print out your visa right after. However, the validity of E-visa is only 30 days, single entry.

    On the other hand, VOA requires you to have a agent to apply for you. You will need to pay more due to service fee, which varies according to different service provider, though minimal. And,you will have to receive your visa at landing visa counter. Sometimes, the waiting can be long due to the number of customers at that counter.

  • 23. How can I apply to stay in Vietnam for longer than my e-Visa permit?

    After entering Vietnam by e-Visa, you can request an agency or an organization or even an individual in Vietnam to guarantee your stay and apply on your behalf for a new visa at the Vietnam Immigration Department in accordance with Section 1, Article 16 of the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam. Contact us for more detail.

  • 24. Can a Vietnamese citizen invite or guarantee my stay in Vietnam and apply for an e-Visa on my behalf?

    Vietnamese citizens are not allowed to guarantee a foreigner’s stay in Vietnam with e-Visa. Foreigners must apply for an e-Visa either by themselves or through a guaranteeing agency or organization in Vietnam.

  • 25. Can I have my payment back when the application is refused?

    Unfortunately, no, you cannot. The $25 payment is non-refundable.

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